What is Google Firebase

Firebase is a very cool tool of Google.  Firebase is a very important tool for both mobile and web applications. Firebase is very helpful for creating mobile and web app easily. It is just like a backend as a service (Baas) for mobile app.

Generally for developing any mobile app we need a server, a backend, a database , write API right ?

But using Firebase we can easily develop a mobile application without worry about server, API, database.  Firebase also provide support for all platform like iOS development, Android development, For Web , For C++. Firebase provide documentation for all platforms

So we can understand it, i.e. what is Firebase in given below points

  1. Realtime Database
  2. File storage/Cloud Storage
  3. Users Authentication
  4. Hosting
  5. Completely Featured App Platform
  6. Analytics
  7. Cloud Messaging
  8. In-App Messaging etc.

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